Media Manipulation

Emily Romero

My social issue is media manipulation. This is when the media as a whole or different media sources “manipulate” people to take action against something, see an event in a different light, or persuade them into buying products.This practice originally started with the origin and eventual monopolization of newspapers, and extended with the evolution of media into radio, television, and news apps. 

My primary focus is on social media manipulation and how the development of algorithms are dividing our views as an American country. This impacts everyone who uses some form of social media, and unfortunately, most people are unaware of these effects. For example, businesses often promote their products and services through algorithms, but this leads consumers to digital tunnel vision, limiting customer reach and prohibiting new people from looking into these businesses. It impacts individual viewers by only showing them things they want to see based on their chosen follows, likes, saves, etc. which again results in tunnel vision that can heighten divided thoughts and prohibit curiosity.  

I addressed this issue by partnering with The Social Dilemma to spread awareness on what social media manipulation looks like, how it’s affecting American culture, and ways we can take action against it. As Evita Ochel says, “until you realize how easy it is for your mind to be manipulated, you remain the puppet of someone else’s game.”